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Winter thoughts: Summer. Vacation. Beach. Sun. Adventure. No more snow. Vacation. 

"Make me sway"

I am a romantic. I can be. I can turn on the switch and be romantic.

Anytime I turn on Michael Buble the romantic in me usually comes alive. (Usually starts dancing, too.)  - Mmmm…there it is. Romantic gene activated. 

I can be a romantic.

But I am not a fan this so-called romantic holiday of Valentine’s Day. Honestly it is just another day – work and possibly have a game to cover – which I do this year. Mixed into the day is visiting one of the local elementaries and take photos for their Valentine’s Day parties as they munch on icing covered sugar cookies and make crafts.

I am not against the holiday. There is a great history behind it. But look at what it has become – it is too much.

Every year various candies receive a newly designed Valentine’s Day wrapping, new cards about romance and love stock the shelves and commercials for just about everything air on television and the radio. It begins as soon as Christmas is over. The New Year hasn’t even arrived and you have to start thinking about what to get your loved one. (The loved one you just bought a Christmas present for.)

It has become more about what to get your loved one instead of just appreciating them. Do you need a holiday in February to remind you of that special person? To remind you to take them out? But that is how I was raised. I was raised with the notion if you can only be nice to me one day out of the year, don’t bother. It’s to the point, isn’t it? Makes you start rethinking about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, too, doesn’t it? (Good because that is where the notion came from.)

Basically do it because you want to do it not because you should and businesses say you should. You want to send flowers on a Tuesday just because. Don’t want to do it on a holiday with hearts and butterflies a flutter when it is expected – then don’t. Or if you do want to send flowers on Valentine’s Day just to say thinking about you on this holiday, then do it.  

But why not just once a month take your special person out? Or do something special for them? For those married with kids just take one night out away from the kids and do something just the two of you. Leave behind the messy dishes, the stacks of laundry, the kids pulling on your pant legs – find a babysitter and go out.

But I’m not married - I can say all this. I have this crazy, romantic notion a couple can rework a few hours to spend with just each other. I told you it was a crazy notion.   

I might reach some criticism from those married or engaged –“you have all the time in the world. Of course you can say that - you don’t understand.”

In which I raise a finger and say “wait a minute.” Here is my life - I work two jobs. One job is about 40 hours a week, which tends to be over 40 hours. In which, most of my hours are at night depending on what is going on because I cover sports (which I have learned through various dating attempts some guys can’t handle the crazy schedule). Mixed in with it I have a part-time job I try to give at least two shifts a week for availability. (Sometimes it’s one since I have playoffs to cover when a season ends.)  

Time is just as precious to me as it is to you married and engaged folk. Sometimes I don’t have the free time.

…But… once in a great while I find someone and I will make the time. I will look at my schedule and rearrange few things around to have the time with them. So my gift, as sad as it may seem, is time. I will make the time. I will find it because I want to spend it with them.  And I would like to think they would give a little time to me – even just a few hours.  Sometimes to make it easier I might even hand it over on a silver platter – this is my night/day off do what you will with the information.

Now that tangent is finished…

Treat your special someone like a Valentine each day. You don’t have to shower them with presents (I work in retail… I shouldn’t say that. Buy frog stuff - chicks love frog stuff. Not this chick but most). Just once in a while show them you appreciate them. A compliment. Going out to dinner. A few days away. Doing laundry. Something small and special just for them.

It’s the little things which end up meaning so much.  

Or maybe it is just the little things to me. I am the woman who doesn’t mind getting a few precious hours.

Being anti-Valentine’s Day isn’t about good or bad past experiences because let’s be honest – everyone has them. (Heck, I had a tetanus shot for one of them and almost passed out from the cut I made in my thumb at work. I have good stories.) Plus, it’s not like I am going to pop every red heart balloon I see.

If you have had a perfect Valentine’s Day this year or any year – congrats, I am happy for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or Happy un-Valentine’s Day!

And St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner (hey, maybe if we have an early deadline that week I could actually partake in my holiday…being Irish and all…)    

"I am what I am. I will do what I want but I can’t hide."

I was told a few months ago I have an adventurous energy. I was also told I don’t use it. I bottle it up. “You need to be more adventurous,” they said.

I found myself thinking about it today - actually this morning because I was feeling the energy. I wanted an adventure I wanted to go someplace so bad after work. But the weather slows me down plus I already planned to go to my sister’s place to drop off Christmas presents. Plus, isn’t seeing my two nephews and surviving an adventure. 

But here I am thinking about it again and all the times I had the energy and I didn’t do anything about it. I was more adventurous for a few months last year. I wanted to explore and I took the opportunity. I dragged someone along but I did it. 

So while I am thinking about the adventurous energy I am not using I am also remembering a conversation from last week. In the conversation the other person said they explored. Just would go after work and just go. And all I could think is I want to do that and I have wanted to do that. Did I say out loud? No. I held it in. I do hold some things in sometimes because I don’t want to seem like I am reflecting the same thing back and seem like a carbon copy when what it is is I want to do that or I enjoy doing the same thing. 

Why yes, I do overthink. The last few days have been proof of it. I can get in my overthinking moods and honestly sometimes I don’t have the strength to push it off. It’s my weakness. Least I know my weaknesses - caffeine, eye candy and the extra boost of hormones every x amount of weeks. (You can figure out the last part on your own.)

Besides my extra energy, work is good. It has been interesting with holidays and school cancellations due to weather - it keeps me on my toes and figuring what I will need to do differently for the next edition. My coaches are gems and so are the game announcers (because the voice of the Wolves mentioned the 2-part series I had in which I interviewed as many as the football state champions as I could. I appreciated it because it was a lot to type out as well as try to read my notes from each interview.)

As for column, leaning towards driving. My coworker wants me to bring back my driving column - due to the snow. I just might. Or…the auto show. But it’s been 16 years - so I don’t think I could write 400 words about it.  

As for anything else… hmmm… in the nicest possible way to say it - nothing to concern yourself about. Just I’m happy. I’m nervous. I’m hopeful. 

To be, or not to be…

You find yourself wondering sometimes is it better to know, or not to know.

I like to know so when I found something out in December it was great knowledge to have but I couldn’t really say I knew it. So I found myself asking was it better to know or not to know. 

Better to know. I was able to do something about it. It just took a little bit. And some nudges. 

These Words turned 2 today!

These Words turned 2 today!

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